» Blockchain by example

Very much WIP. A barebones blockchain protocol implementation, very Bitcoin-y in many respects; written in Rust. Node-to-node (Msgpack-encoded TCP stream) and user-node (JSON-RPC) communication.

» CHIP-8 emulator

My first hands-on experience with Rust, served as a first course on writing emulators and understanding how a CPU works at a basic level.

» OpenGL renderer

An attempt at a data-oriented rendering pipeline, implemented using OpenGL. Written in portable C++, heavily inspired by the bitsquid engine (later known as Stingray).


» Algebraic number theory

Paper for Peter May's REU at The University of Chicago, written during the summer of 2018. An introduction to algebraic number theory from a somewhat modern perspective (number fields, ideal class group, group of units).

» Polynomial functors

Learned about fundamental categorical constructions, and dived into the novel and exciting world of polynomials... at the categorial level, of course!


» Russian

If you are studying russian, here is my somewhat decent Anki deck with two years worth of vocabulary and verbs.

» Catalan

My mother tongue; I write occasionally on literature, language and etymologies. Currently working on migrating an old Blogger site to this platform.