Hi there! I'm Pol, nice to meet you.

I'm a rising senior at the University of Chicago, majoring in Mathematics and Computer Science.

This summer I am at Ben Y. Zhao & Heather Zheng's SANDLab, where I've been doing research since May. I am working on a project about security aspects of machine learning models used for anomaly detection. Among other things, I have played with WiFi propagation models, LTE signal spectra, and learnt a good deal of PyTorch and Tensorflow.

You can see some of the code I've written over here; I am interested in machine learning, cryptography and its applications, and security broadly speaking; I am also passionate about the decentralized web in all its forms. As for mathematics, I have spent a summer working on algebraic number theory at Peter May's UChicago REU, and I think category theory is very cool.

I currently serve as vice president of the UChicago Applied Math Club, where we invite professors to give talks about their research, related to or involving mathematics. I also helped organize the 17th International Colloquium of the North American Catalan Society (NACS) this past April.

For a more succint summary of what I have done, please take a look at my resume. I also have a LinkedIn profile.

You can reach me at gomezp@uchicago.edu.

Ideas occur to us when they please, not when it pleases us. The best ideas do indeed occur to one's mind in the way in which Ihering describes it: when smoking a cigar on the sofa; or as Helmholtz states of himself with scientific exactitude: when taking a walk on a slowly ascending street; or in a similar way. In any case, ideas come when we do not expect them, and not when we are brooding and searching at our desks. Yet ideas would certainly not come to mind had we not brooded at our desks and searched for answers with passionate devotion.

—Max Weber, Science as Vocation